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2006 DESMO BBQ / Concours d'Elegance
Click here for the Concours winners.

   The sixth DESMO Bar-B-Que and second Concours d'Elegance was held under the auspices of blue skies, warm weather, and the god of vintage Ducatis. Over 100 DESMOites and even a few new to DESMO participants (including the eventual Best of Show winner) congregated at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in the outskirts of Middletown for the second year running for good food, good people, and good prizes all united by great bikes. Initial worries of a Saturday date and a new caterer were quickly dispelled as Ducatis arrived in droves and Schleslinger's prepared a delectable menu of roast chicken, corn, beef brisket, amongst other savory items. As always, the DESMO Raffle was again a huge success due to the generosity of DESMO's many supporting dealers. Prizes this year included a couple of track days, new helmets, leather jackets, and exquisite Tumi bagware.

   The second DESMO Concours d'Elegance grew in pomp and participation as the rays of the midsummer's sun glistened off of the tanks of the nearly fifty machines gathered vying for the coveted Best in Show trophy. Attendees of the BBQ this year were treated to the presence of over a dozen classic Ducatis from the 70's and early 80's including a quadruplet of 750F1's with 2 Laguna Secas, 1 Montjuich, and 1 "plain" edition represented. With the addition of such wonderful machines to the Concours, many of which one would have to travel to the factory museum to even get a chance to see, one would almost be forgiven for oversighting the presence of more recent Ducatis, almost. It would've been a shame had one missed the chance to admire the dozen of modded to the max Monsters and sleek Superbikes and Supersports that were well represented. Despite the agony of selecting a winner amongst all the worthy entrants, winners were eventually chosen by the BBQ revelers and all returned home, some with more excitement than others, to savor another glorious DESMO event.

Photos by Brian Masters

Airin' it all out, safety style

Start the raffle already!

Factory bling

750F1's, and who said they're rare?
Montjuich, "plain", Laguna Seca

Photos by Kevin Eng

70's flashback, the good kind

750F1 Montjuich

500 Parallel Twin

Family Petrucelli

Photos by Kent Tam

BBQ Time!

Baby Petrucelli

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease pull my ticket!!!!!

MC Poof Doody Slocum

Bike show hardware

Best Sportbike
1993 944 SuperSport
Jim Colman

Best SportTourer
2002 ST4s
Dan Melfi

Best Monster
1994 Monster 900
Chris Levintow

Best in Show/Best Vintage
1981 900 SuperSport
Berl Brechner

Photo by John Funke

L-R Barry Krivisky, Michelle Medina, Terry Ciancio, Jody Edwards

Photos by Wei Young

Raffle Queen Alanna

Ben keeping an eye on the proceedings

More Monsters

Monser arrival

Head chef setting up shop

This way to the BBQ

*Ed. Note - This picture has been
clearly photoshopped. I should
not look like I weigh 500 kilos

The leadership of DESMO would like to thank the following sponsors of the DESMO Bar-B-Que for their generous donations for the raffle and their continued support of DESMO. We'd also like to extend our thanks to all those who participated in the Concours and all DESMOites who attended the BBQ in helping each club event be better than the last!

Chris Hwang
The Motorcyclist Post
Williamsville Competition

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