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2006 DESMO Oil Spill

   The season's first major event was a huge success despite being delayed one week due to inclement weather during the originally planned date. The club's patience was rewarded with a picture book sunny and clear day. Over 20 Ducatis were in attendance including three 916's, a new SportClassic, and two Vintage bevels, amongst the cornacopia of fine Italian machinery. There were oil changes aplenty and Jay from BCM even made a special appearance all the way from New Hampshire to lend his expertise. Casey Roskob (http://www.speedlaw.net) also made a return appearance to dole out some of his wisdom acquired thru his years with New York traffic courts. Congratulations also to Michael Lee as the winner of the brand new Aerostitch RoadCrafter riding suit as part of the DESMO Spring Raffle.

It's oil spill time!
Sunny days, chasing the clouds away, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
Marco's SuperSport on the operating table with John, Martin, and Brian observing
Flock o'ducs
Hannah and Jay arrive in style in the BCM van
Old SuperSport, check that. "Classic" SuperSport vanguard, Gary and Cleody
Newest member of the Slocum household
Ben and Ed's vintage bevels
Some of these machines will never be the same again...
Are you documenting this? It took me 4 hours to get this panel off and I want to make sure everyone knows about it!
When tools go bad
Irene: I'm glad I left my bike at home.
Hannah: You're telling me, like I'd trust this bunch with tools around my bikes! Don't tell Jay I said that tho!
Martin practicing his shop manager stare
Now how did Jon drain out that weasel again....
Irene and Hannah
Jay and Gary
What's this big round piece of rubber around the rim?
Sport1000 courtesy Bob of Cliff's
Hmmmm, how do I answer this survey asking how satisfied am I with the level of competency of the mechanics....?
Marco: I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop humping my bike, please?
The Peanut Gallery
The ladies of DESMO
And I wipe my hands clean of this mess. Good day, sir!
Mmmmmmmm, I have lunch and dinner for tomorrow, what are you going to have?
Casey dispensing bits of wisdom on how not to get nabbed and what to do if you should be accused of bending the rules
Hannah and Siucra
The Ranch
Jonboy servicing Fred's, um, throttle?
Well, you see, first my dad would corner the brontosaurus and then I would come from behind for the kill. Good times, good times.
Are you happy to see me or are those tampons in your ears?

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