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From: "marco"
Date: Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:46 pm
Subject: The dissembler, the chronic sloth, and the merely mad

   Okay, you've got an afternoon that's dry and balmy and boasts all the magic of autumn, and you've got a job. What do you do? If it's Thursday and you're above ground and still drawing breath, the only answer is cut out early and ride, and expect nothing more than good roads and an ice cream. Lie to your colleagues, don't answer your cellular, and just keep grinning. That's what Jim did, and you can see right away that he's morally flabby.

   Me, I've been idle for eight weeks. I don't go back to work for two more. All I had to do to get in on that ride was roll out of bed and dress. It was pushing eleven in the morning, so though it was a bit of a struggle, I overcame my inertia and arrived in Cross Rivers just past noon.

   The ride was sometimes leisurely, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes ice cream. It was all good. Many thanks, Jim, for being of such disreputable character.

   Oh, as for the mad, Gary and Pat were not with us today. Happily, we met Graham outside the icecream shop in Pound Ridge, and he filled in nicely.

Cheers to all of you, and to a terrific day.


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