D.O.C. World Presidents Meeting
May 26 - June 5, 2006

May 30, 2006 : Day 5 - Roma
Castello di Sant'angelo
Pont di Sant'angelo
Roman ruins
Exterior of the Panthenon
War memorial
Carabineri van, note gun ports
Victor Emmanuel II Monument
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Figure of Bologna (3rd from left)
Imperial Forums
Julius Caesar
The Colisseum
Roman gladiators
Trevi Fountains
Spanish steps
Dazza and Shane: Western Australia Alex and Tina: SportClassics
Tim and Karen: Tasmania Dazza and Eric: W. Australia and Ohio
Dazza the Server
Alex and Tina Eric
Guy of GB Dazza
Mike of Ducati Monster List
Posing in front of the hotel
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