D.O.C. World Presidents Meeting
May 26 - June 5, 2006

June 2, 2006 : Day 8 - Presidents' Meeting
The World Presidents Meeting
The driveway leading to the hotel
The meeting
Federico Minoli, CEO of Ducati The driveway leading to the hotel
Mike, Moose, and Jon waiting for something to happen
Lunchtime Even their box wine is better!
Post meeting ride
It's a loooooooong way down
Welcome to Tuscany!
Mmmmmm switchbacks
Mountain biking with Ducatis
Party at the convent
Moose, sleeping?
Eric as wall decoration Asdis and Halli from Iceland
Danny from Ducati North America
Shane, Dazza, and I Me, Gary, and Beth
Suzanna drinking it up Shane was adamant she won't dance
Palermo and Bari clubs
Little Marco got his groove on Stefano pole dancing
Moose, Jim, Mike, and Nuno
Italian Night Fever Sue and Marco getting it on with the pole
Super Karen!
Burnout! Ok, now let's get the line for the Ducati logo, ready?
Marco Girl from Ducati Club Perugia
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