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2010 DESMO Holiday Party

Akuma helmet

DESMO hosted our 10th Annual Holiday Party, on Saturday, December 4, in West Nyack, NY. In honor of our anniversary, DESMO pulled out all the stops—in addition to hosting our raffle and annual quiz, DESMO gave out their first-ever Service Awards—and sported a lot of familiar faces, as well as many new members.

Quiz OffFor an unprecedented fourth year in a row, member Sandro D. won the DESMO quiz. This year did not feature a runoff round, three runners-ups only missed one more question than Sandro. Sounds like next year’s quiz needs to be more challenging.

Our raffle, always a crowd favorite, sported some fantastic donations from our favorite sponsors. For the second year running, Absolute Cycle donated a Season Pass to all of their trackdays. Winner Bob S., will now be mortgaging his house to pay for all of the tires and fuel necessary to get the most out of his prize. Please visit www.desmoducati.org/sponsors.html for a list of all of our sponsors.


To no one’s surprise, Hamza A. won his first Dezzie Award – the highly-coveted “Posts the Most” award. Greg P., also won his first Dezzie – for Best Newbie.


There was one person in the crowd who was celebrating the prospect of not winning an award. Graham W. was savoring the spoils of a season of trackday riding without crashing, and missing out on his namesake Crash Test Dummy award for the first time in four years. Never one to miss an opportunity to mock Graham, the powers that be at DESMO awarded him with our first “I Almost Crashed” Dezzie. We’re not sure when, we’re not sure how, but we’re pretty sure he earned it.


On a more serious note, DESMO honored many of our volunteers with our first Service Awards. As a volunteer-run organization, we depend on the hard work and dedication of many volunteers. We simply couldn’t pull it off without this collective effort. These are truly unique awards, a floating DESMO logo, for truly dedicated volunteers.

As we wrap up our tenth full year, and look forward to 2011, we can’t help but reflect on the past decade of friendships and travails, and travels and journeys. It hasn’t always been pretty – but it’s been a hell of a ride.

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