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2016 DESMO Holiday Party


DESMO hosted our 16th Annual Holiday Party, on Saturday, December 3, in West Nyack, NY, with lots of old friends (and even an old president), new members, and our families.
Like the last few years, Sandro wrote this year's impossibly hard pop quiz. Featuring questions about Ducati Racers, Ducatis, and DESMO, it's always a fun time. Hamza and Kathryn tied with 9 out of 15 - barely a passing grade. We're going to have to simplify next year's questions, maybe like "What's the most popular color Ducati?," and "How many wheels do most Ducatis have?"

Our raffle, always a crowd favorite, sported some fantastic donations from our favorite sponsors, and many new sponsors. The California Superbike School donated a day, New York Safety Track domated two days, Bridgestone donated two tires, plus lots of great apparel and bike parts from many of our friends. Please visit here for a list of all of our sponsors.


For the second time in three years, we didn't award any Crash Test Dummy awards this year. Bharat won his first two Dezzie's this year-although I'm sure he has mixed feelings about the Misplaced Key Award and the Best Dismount. Especially since he earned both of those on one forgetful day in June.
While we're far from Area 51, we did have some UFO sightings - including former President Jon (who came with his wife and daughter despite up and moving away a couple years back), Roger (who'd rather play with cars) and Mike (who makes it hard on himself to participate since he keeps selling his bikes).
Everyone had a great time reminiscing and embellishing, and our bartender Devon had his hands full all night. Looking forward to next year's, already!

As always, please contact us if you're interested in helping out. It takes a lot of effort to pull off these events, and more hands on deck are always welcome.

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