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2019 DESMO New Year's Party

DESMO hosted our first-ever New Year's Party, on Saturday, January 12, in Rochelle Park, NJ, with lots of old friends, new members, and our families.
This year's party replaced our traditional December holiday party, but we kept some of our favorite activities. Sandro wrote this year's pop quiz, and through the first round we had a four way tie. Featuring questions about Ducatis, Ducati Racers, and even DESMO, we needed a second round to declare Sonny the winner, who went home with a 2018 Ducati Year Book.

We also carried over our award ceremony, the Dezzies. Featuring the "Helping Hand" awards for our good samaritans, the "Crash Test Dummy" awards for those who needed our good samaritans, and a half a dozen others including the Darwin Award, Best Recruiter and Poet Laureate.

Our raffle, always a crowd favorite, had piles of fantastic donations from our favorite sponsors and many new sponsors. The California Superbike School and the New York Safety Track each donated a day, and DESMO raffled off one of our own trackdays. On top of that were helmets, tires, books, DVDs, apparel, and all sorts of accessories. Plus autographs by Ben Spies that his mother, Mary, graciously sent to us. Please visit here for a list of all of our sponsors.


The temperature was January in New Jersey cold, but that didn't stop Hamza from riding. We had a great crowd, at a great new restaurant, with more people than at the past few holiday parties.
Everyone had a great time reminiscing and embellishing, and are already looking forward to next year.

As always, please contact us if you're interested in helping out. It takes a lot of effort to pull off these events, and more hands on deck are always welcome.

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